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Each Urban Sewing bag is designed and sewn by me in my sewing room at home, with thoughtfully chosen materials, and careful attention to each detail and stitch. While I always start with one of my patterns, I alter the dimensions and features of each bag to take the best advantage of the materials at hand. I use textiles and hardware that are either made in the USA, upcycled, or purchased second-hand whenever possible. I scour the internet for products manufactured in the USA. I hunt through thrift shops for second hand fabric or clothing with interesting colors and patterns. I also stop at antique malls on a regular basis and have found old flour and seed sacks, bank coin bags, US mail bags, and even some old ballot bags from 1966!


The results are one-of-a-kind bags that are conscientiously crafted – for you.


Sketch book, pencil, tape measure, and bank bag

Hello! I'm Jahna (she/her), owner and maker at Urban Sewing. I started sewing when I was in 5th grade, using my Mom’s home sewing machine.  Throughout middle and high school I made stuffed animals and simple garments and altered old clothes that I found in my Savta’s closet. Then for several years, I was busy serving in the IDF and going to college.


At the end of grad school, after getting my first job, my Mom gave me a new sewing machine as a gift. But it wasn’t until I got married and my lovely twins were born that I really got back into sewing. I made drapes and pillows and Halloween costumes, and I learned how to quilt; and eventually, I got into making bags. This too was thanks to my Mom. She saw a handmade tote while we were shopping for fabric for a new quilt, and I decided to buy the pattern and make her one for her birthday. It looked great, but the style just wasn’t “me,” so I started making up my own patterns, experimenting with styles and fabrics, learning techniques from books and online tutorials, and picking up compliments from family and friends.


And now here I am, with my own online shop – Urban Sewing – making bags that I truly love.

My Story

My sewing tools

I believe that every resource the world offers us – whether human or not – is precious and we should treat it with respect.  That is why each bag is conscientiously crafted – from the selection of textiles and thread and hardware to the attention given to planning and cutting and sewing.  I strive to use as many second hand, repurposed, and upcycled materials as I can.  And when I cannot, I look for products that ethically are made in the USA.  I design and make each item by hand, by myself.  Each is unique and infused with my passion for crafting.


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