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Conscientious Crafting

Pink and Green Bag

I started sewing when I was in the 5th grade, using my Mom’s home sewing machine. My dad enclosed the back porch and built a work room. It was long and narrow, with a work bench for his woodworking tools on one end, and a desk/sewing table for my mom at the other. I loved sewing – making things – right away. Throughout middle and high school I made stuffed animals and simple garments, and altered old khaki pants and cotton pajamas that I found in my Savta’s closet. Then, for two years I was busy serving in the Israeli Defense Forces (a story for another post) and for about another 7 years I was busy going to college.

At the end of graduate school, after getting my first job, my Mom gave me a new sewing machine as a gift. It was a simple Kenmore machine (it died a few years ago and I still have it in the basement) and I used it here and there for fixing or hemming my cloths. But it wasn’t until I got married and my lovely twin daughters were born, that I really got back into sewing. I made drapes and pillows for their room and then Halloween costumes for several years, and I also taught myself how to quilt, which I still love doing. Eventually I got into making bags. This too was thanks to my Mom. She saw a handmade tote while we were shopping for fabric for a new quilt, and I decided to buy the pattern and make her one for her birthday. The bag looked great and I made a second one for myself. After that I started making up my own patterns, experimenting with styles and fabrics, learning techniques from books and online tutorials, and picking up complements from family members and friends who kept telling me “you really should sell your bags.” And so now here I am, with my own online shop – Urban Sewing – making bags that I truly love.

Each bag is designed and sewn by me in my sewing room at home, with thoughtfully chosen materials, and careful attention to each detail and stitch. I hope you’ll come back to hear about how I make them.

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